Excealoe, the largest marketer of Aloe Vera

Excealoe is the mayor trading and export company of Aloe Vera of  Europe .

Starting his activity in July 2014 , Excealoe S.L. is trading with aloe vera of the best quality around the world:  Ecological Aloe Vera certified and produced in Spain. Our production can supply any demand.

Our goal is to give diffusion of the huge benefits of Aloe Vera for the health . At the same time we care that our poducts have the highest quality for his consumption and a real and visible benefit for the consumers.

The difference between our Aloe Vera to others existing is the quality.

What does Excealoe understand with quality?

Plantación aloe vera
  • It is cultivated in one of the best soils on earth: the southern soil and the Spanish meditarrenean corridor permit a perfect cultivation of the plant.
  • The cultivation is 100% ecological : The plants are fertilized only with hummus of red worms.
Recolección hoja aloe vera
  • The recollection of leaves is done when the plant is three years old, and reaches its level of components in proper proportion to make them effective.
  • The leaf has a very high yield (average 50%) and a perfect morphology.
TETRABRIK 200 L. aloe vera
  • We offer certified organic leaf and juice.
  • Cold chain is not broken in transport


Therefore, the Aloe Vera of Excealoe S.L. is  from the highest quality in the world: The only  one 100% organic,  with organic certification, who takes high care of plantations and leaves and  contains maximum purity.

If you search for Quality and Service, Excealoe SL is your 1st choice.

Ofrecemos certificación ecológica de la hoja y del jugo.

Adjuntamos resultados analíticos para cada pedido.


Por todo ello, el Aloe Vera de Excealoe S.L. es el de mayor calidad del mundo. El único con carácter 100% ecológico, certificación ecológica, alto cuidado de las plantaciones y de las hojas y máxima pureza.

Queremos conseguir que por Calidad y Servicio, Excealoe S.L. sea su 1ª elección.