Growing and harvesting of Spanish Aloe Vera

  • Aloe vera for its semidesert origin prefers sandy, easy to drain and with a slightly basic pH soil.It growes in sunny and temperate environments (20-30 °).
  • The plant does not stand low temperatures or excess of moisture
  • The easiest way to reproduce is by suckers or shoots in spring. Tiller number are between 10 and 15 per year per plant. They can be reproduced by seeds but the growth is very slow in this case.
  • Complements to the plants are made respecting the concept of organic farming and fertilized with red worm humus.
  • Watering should be very limited (once a month).
  • The water should have a low chlorine content to avoid spots on the leaves.
  • Weeds  are manually withdraw.
  • During control of pathogens we follow the rules of organic production (control of suckers, removing dead material, removal of diseased plants, pruning or other crops, micronized sulfur and other organic insecticides …)
  • Harvesting is performed after the third year. Only mature plants (over three years) contains components in proper propotion to make them more effective.
  • Depending on weather conditions 2-3 leaf collections are performed annually (spring and fall) and only the outer leaves of the plant. The best leaves are those that grow down and out of the rosette, as they are the mature ones and those who contain more active ingredients.
Plantación aloe vera
Recolección hoja aloe vera