Aloe Yes
  • Excealoe commercialize aloe vera trough his trademark “ Aloe Yes”.We only sell to wholesalers or large customers.
  • We sell fresh ecological Aloe Vera leaf , directly from the producer to the client.
    We sell Aloe Vera juice in bulck, packed in 220l  or 1000l.
  • We also sell our Aloe Vera juice in sizes of 1l, 2l, 5l, 10l and 20 l. We can pack in any other sizes.
  • We can also bottle Aloe Vera juice with your trademark. If you are interested in producing cosmetics products , combinated juices , lyophilized aloe vera , please contact us.
  • Ask for any other type of packaging or products, we manufacture what you need, Excealoe is the perfect business partner for your brand.
  • If you need non-organic Aloe vera leaf  , non-organic gel or any other product derived from Aloe vera, please contact us.

The best option for guaranteed quality and ecological purity


The service is “just in time” but we plan storage for stocks.