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Currently, Aloe vera is a plant known by practically everyone. In recent years its use has become very popular. This is due to different factors. One is that society is concerned in searching for products as natural as possible in both food and cosmetics. Another reason is the scientific studies carried out in recent decades on the benefits of Aloe vera. These researches have certified many of the benefits that were already known by popular wisdom but those lacked scientific rigour to support them.

All this has led to Aloe vera being one of the most demanded plants by society for its various applications and proven benefits. Not in vain, nowadays it is one of the most researched plants.

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Chemical composition of Spanish Aloe Vera

In this way, it is necessary to emphasize the chemical composition of the gel of the Aloe vera where you can see its richness. In this sense, it contains a multitude of minerals and vitamins, including vitamin B12, that makes Aloe vera an extraordinary food supplement. In addition, other components such as acemanan, or acemannan, aloine or allantoin and germanium, make it unique to other plants.

According to scientists and naturist experts, it is a very safe plant, as its side effects are very rare and it complements well with other treatments. However, we recommend you to consult your doctor always before taking Aloe vera as a treatment against any serious disease or condition.


Use of Aloe vera Spanish

In recent times, the use of Aloe vera has been extended. Although it has always been linked to topical application to alleviate skin problems, Aloe vera is now being demanded as a tonic of the organic system, proliferating its ingested consumption.

From here, it has developed its culinary use, being used by great chefs to elaborate dishes and drinks, making of this plant a super food, or nutritious food, due to its properties and utilities in the kitchen.

Definitely, the demand of Aloe vera has recently shown an exponential growth, supported by scientific foundations, which makes it a very sought after plant at industrial level for the elaboration of most food products and natural beverages and provides a healthy added value.

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